LogBook at the Reeperbahn Festival

If you’re doing it right, attending a music festival or a large-scale event can be dizzying and overwhelming – so many shows, so many conferences and so much information; how could you even be expected to remember it all? When it’s all done and over, you and your friends and colleagues sit back scratching your heads, trying to fill in the blanks and retrace your steps in order to share all of great music you discovered and the fascinating things you learnt.

That’s why we created the LogBook functionality in collaboration with the Reeperbahn Festival and Electronic Beats and then tested it last September. An amazing playground for this kind of experimentation and innovation, Reeperbahn Festival 2015 spanned over 70 venues and 600 events – more than enough to lose track of everything you’ve seen!

Through the use of non-intrusive and non-tracking iBeacon technology, LogBook allowed thousands of festival-goers to gradually and effortlessly create their very own event timeline, complete with added value content like videos and event summaries. To top it all off, we were able to provide easy and strategic integration with Spotify – allowing attendees to transform their LogBook into a Spotify playlist. Here’s how the Greencopper and LogBook experience panned out for nearly 12 thousand attendees of one of Europe’s hottest music festivals.

Set-up and Infrastructure

Let’s kick things off with few quick words about iBeacon technology. In contrast with GPS-based technologies, iBeacon offers proximity services with low-energy and non-tracking devices (beacons) for indoor and outdoor use that allow you to record attendance and connect with users without invading their privacy or requiring any personal information. For the Reeperbahn Festival, we installed 1 to 3 beacons per location in over 70 different locations over the course of 2 days. Installation was simple, requiring no power outlets, technical expertise or screwdrivers; you could attach one to a stage in a matter of minutes. Once everything was set up, the whole festival site had been transformed into a series of smart venues ready to augment and personalize the festival experience for all.

(figure 1: number of users receiving the beacon signal through the day, Sept. 24, 2015)

Timeline creation and added content

We also made the process as simple as possible for those using the app – asking them to enable Location Services and Bluetooth when they initially downloaded the app to their phone. From then on, LogBook was able to transmit information to the app whether it was open, running in the background or completely closed. There was little for festival-goers to do other than watch their own personal timeline grow as they hopped from one exciting event to the next. As days went on, they could easily refer back to their favourite events, share their experience and compare their trajectory with friends by popping into the RBF15 app and consulting their timeline. By the end of the festival, our beacons had seamlessly picked up on over 17 thousand hits.

What’s next?

LogBook was a great experiment looking into the power and added value of iBeacon technology across festivals and events – but at Greencopper, we’re always looking ahead. So what’s the next step in the personalization process? Imagine being able to send out a Welcome or Goodbye message as festival-goers move on and off the site? How about the option to enable automatic Facebook check-ins so your friends can follow your adventures and meet you in the crowd? The same technology could also allow food and merchandise stands to send out special promotions or information as attendees near their location. The possibilities are endless: treasure hunts, prizes, directions to nearby charging stations or important even sites. We’ve even partnered up with Crowd Connected to use iBeacon technology as a way of managing festival crowds and layout.

Intrigued? Get in touch to find out how functionalities like LogBook can add value to your festival or event!