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Greencopper’s goal is to keep innovating and moving forward when it comes to technology and music. These case studies below illustrate successful integrations done at key festivals around the world that combine technology, innovations and user interactivity!

Eurosonics Noorderslag

Music recommendations at Eurosonic

The problem, the solution

Have you ever felt lost at a festival with too many artists to discover? Scared that you’re going to miss out on the next big thing? Greencopper came up with the solution for this by providing you with a personal music recommendation right in the palm of your hand! Let’s see how it worked during the Eurosonic showcase festival…

How does the recommender work?

The idea behind the recommender is to use music metadata to give you personal recommendations. Skeptical that a machine can’t properly recommend you the music that you like? The recommender goes through your Facebook likes, but also through your favorites list that you have carefully selected as the artists you want to see at the festival. This way, the list of recommendations is tailored to each user’s musical taste!

The integration

The recommender can be found as an icon on the left menu, but can also be quickly accessed via the right menu, which is the user’s personal festival area. A great feature for large showcase festivals, but also a cool feature for outdoor festivals that have less-known acts that they want to put forward. Quick and easy, the recommender is the perfect tool for music discovery!


Eurosonics: music recommendation


Eurosonics: music taste

Eurosonics: artist recommendation


Pitchfork and Songsnaps

Songsnaps at the Pitchfork Festival

Snap and share!

During last year’s Pitchfork festival, Greencopper partnered up with Rdio to present the Songsnaps concept. A fun feature, Songsnaps allows you to snap a photo and tag it with an artist’s song who’s playing the festival while also allowing you to share the pic with your friends! A great souvenir, the Songsnaps feature proved to be very successful at the Pitchfork Festival.


  • Over 10,000 downloads of the mobile app
  • Over 2,000 songsnaps created by festival attendees
  • Over 30,000 music tracks played!


Pitchfork: snap photo


Songsnap: song selection


Songsnaps: share photo


Osheaga and RFID wristbands

The concept

In 2013, Osheaga innovated by introducing the RFID access control to their festival. The RFID access control pairs an RFID bracelet to a user’s Facebook account from web and mobile.

At the festival’s site, play kiosks are available where festival-goers can post a photo with a status on the user’s wall allowing for a public livestream. Users can also check-in with the kiosk location as well as enter contests!


Osheaga: scan wristband

Osheaga: onsite checkin

Osheaga: social livestream