From good to great: 10 essentials for any event app (part two)

Greencopper reveals the essential elements to an amazing festival app

A few weeks ago, we revealed the first five of ten elements we think can transform your app into a festival must-have. This week, we’re once again putting our experience and wisdom at your service with the last five elements on our list. Don’t forget, we’re always eager to hear from you and find brand new ways of collaborating – so get in touch any time with your feedback, questions and ideas!

6 —  Social experiences

For those of you in the industry, it likely comes as no surprise that social experiences have made our top 10 list for an awesome app. The only thing better than soaking in an incredible show, conference or event? Sharing it with those we love and connecting with a community over things we’re all passionate about. Encouraging social sharing within your app also makes financial and marketing sense. In a recent white paper by ticketing giant Eventbrite, it was found that “Facebook leads in pulling in extra dollars in ticket sales, adding an incremental $4.20 per share. Twitter was next, adding $1.66 per share to ticket sales.” Meanwhile, their research revealed another interesting trend: “17 percent of social-related conversions were happening during the course of the festival itself, be it a one-day or up to a three-day event.” Your festival-goers want to share their love for what you’ve done, and you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to lengthen and deepen their relationship with your app by forcing them to interrupt their in-app experience in order to connect to other apps that provide the social scratch to their itch. While our turnkey solution comes fully stocked and loaded with all of the social integration you need, it’s your job to make sure you harness your community with amazing content that’s actually worth sharing!

7 — Interaction

There’s a big difference between speaking to your festival-goers and speaking at them, and that distinction is quickly shaped by the level of interactivity built into your app. When we worked with Pitchfork Festival and Rdio to rethink the way their users could interface with the app, we decided to leverage the power of social sharing and interaction by building a function we called Songsnap. Songsnap allowed you to snap a picture of the event from within the app, then attach it to a song from one of the artists performing at the festival and share it across all social networks. After 10 000 app downloads, 2 000 Songsnaps and 30 000 tracks enjoyed via our integrated player – the experiment was deemed an exciting success.

Songsnap became a tool to capture moments, feelings and lifelong memories.

By encouraging festival-goers to interact with the app’s content, to feed it with their impressions and to mix-and-match different mediums to tell a unique story, we were able to create a compelling app experience that went beyond simple functionality; it became a tool to capture moments, feelings and lifelong memories.

8 — Design and aesthetics

It’s simple and universal; we all love pretty things. Be it gorgeous artist pictures and album covers, pretty and efficient maps, attractive fonts, complementary colour schemes or consistency in design and branding – your app’s aesthetics plays a central role in keeping your users enthralled and active. So as you plan out your event’s app and sort through its different uses and functionalities, don’t forget to put some serious thought into your logo, colours and overall visual feel. As the team at Global Mobile HQ so aptly put it, “intangibles like brand loyalty and recognition mean nothing to users if they can’t use an app and don’t find it visually appealing.”

9 —  Personalization

Just as “location, location, location” is constantly hailed as a mantra for all things property, personalization has quickly become to Holy Grail of app development and design. The trick is to tailor the app experience to every user from the very get-go, and intelligently use all of the information they’re willing to provide in order to cater to their unique needs and preferences. Our Music Recommender does just that – gathering meta-data from the artists you’ve liked on Facebook and the music you’ve enjoyed on Spotify to recommend similar performing acts you may never have discovered amidst a jam-packed lineup of unknown artists. As we also mentioned in our previous post, at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival, we experimented with beacon technology to create a hyper-personalized timeline complete with added content, bonus information and embedded memories.

The Logbook functionality used beacon technology to create a hyper-personalized timeline complete with added content, bonus information and embedded memories.

Personalization can also be attained through smart and strategic communication and segmentation from within the app. Think about creating and programming a Welcome or Goodbye message to be sent to festival-goers as they move on and off the site? Imagine hyper-precise geo-targeting that would allow food and merchandise stands to send out special promotions or information as attendees near their location. Treasure hunts, prizes, challenges, concert notifications, directions to nearby charging stations or important even sites… Your imagination is your only limit!

10 — Delight and surprise

Ok, so you’ve given your festival-goers a practical, easy-to-use, interactive and well-strategized app; now for the cherry on top…how are you going to surprise them? What are you going to do to be memorable, to provide something users didn’t even know they wanted? Because while all other items on our list are important essentials, delight is the secret ingredient.

At this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, we collaborated with the team to create an app with a few quirky, highly personalized and engaging features. First in line was a custom emoji keyboard with branded, topical emojis that festival-goers could insert into their text messages, emails and social posts for as long as they had the app.



Thanks to @hivesociety for these great screenshots of our popular festival emojis.

The result? Two months after the festival, hundreds of users still have the app installed on their phone. We also reintegrated the previous year’s Taco Locator feature – resulting in great excitement and coverage of the app’s unique and perfectly branded twist. Of course, there were also new photography features, a custom FFF Radio station fuelled by Rdio and a list of other features; but it’s the silly emojis and tacos that hit the spot and made the app memorable.

Because let’s face it, tacos are delicious.

What will your taco emoji be?

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