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goevent web: web widget for the website

goevent web and facebook

Your schedule on your website, effortlessly.

A beautiful look that’s deceptively simple to implement.

goevent web introduces easy to integrate line-up and schedule modules to your website. With your input, we’ll design custom widgets that deploy an interactive multimedia presentation of your line-up and schedule right on your website. Just paste a couple lines of code in selected HTML pages of your website (also comes as a WordPress plug-in) and you’re ready to go!

Available web widgets include:

  • Line-up: a comprehensive list of all artists performing at your festival.
  • Timetable: a grid view of your entire event schedule, all on one page!
  • Timeline: drill down to the details of each day’s activities, including start and end times, all nicely laid out over a graphical timeline.
  • Synchronisation of favourites: let fans build their own custom schedule, fully synchronized with goevent facebook and goevent mobile – they’ll love you for it.

goevent web: festival website

Live examples of festivals using Goevent Web

The list of festivals powered their website with goevent web is continuously growing. Please find below a selection of websites powered by Greencopper’s web widgets:

Power your Facebook page with great content

goevent facebook comes in the form of a Facebook app. It can be installed easily on your Facebook page. From now on, your Facebook community gets instant access to your schedule. They can interact while they navigate through and can enjoy from a multimedia presentation of all activities.

Even better, users can retrieve their personal agenda on Facebook also. They can build their agenda using the festival mobile app or the website. Everything gets synchronized with the Facebook app.
goevent facebook: festival Facebook page