gomanager admin

Manage all of your festival content with one Content Management System

gomanager admin

Manage all of your festival content with one Content Management System (CMS)

Edit your schedule and lineup, manage multimedia, and send alerts

gomanager admin is your home base for managing festival content across goevent mobilegoevent web and goevent facebook. Login to prepare and publish festival content (schedule, artist bios, multimedia), manage user-submitted photos and comments, and send out quick alerts to your audience.

festival management: web, facebook and mobile

NEW: brand-new look and a simplified data model

A new version of gomanager, a new way of looking at things. Thanks to design improvements, the navigation and use of gomanager have never been so fun!

The new gomanager offers:

  • A user interface that allows for easier navigation and program management
  • Tags, tags and more tags!

Structuring your program has never been so easy

Thanks to the newly introduced “tags” concept, gomanager users can categorize their festival’s program using colours and distinct labels. Do you want to filter your program based on various genres? Rock, electro or hip hop? No problem, simply define three tags with associated colours and gomanager will take care of the rest.

Once the content is published to the app, the festival’s schedule will be filtered by using these tags created in gomanager. Festival-goers will then be able to navigate through the festival’s line-up by filtering through the genres that are of interest to them!

Schedule management

gomanager admin allows you to manage your entire schedule and line-up in one clean, easy-to- navigate platform. Submit venues/stages and detailed artist profiles, then connect everything to the schedule, grouping artists to events and venues. Our data model has been dictated, written, and refined by working closely with more than 300 festivals from around the world, creating an efficient, concise model that has matured as technology and user needs evolve.


Embed photos directly into one, or many, galleries, or pull photos right from Flickr, Facebook or an Instagram hashtag. Hundreds of photos can be navigated easily with thumbnails, and you can include publication dates, photographer credits, and title. Why say a thousand words when you can show a thousand pictures?

Would you like to have a video teaser, or an informative video playing the first time a user launches your app? What about streaming videos on artist pages or in a dedicated video section? With embedded videos, and full integration of streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, video can be a major part of your goevent mobile app experience. We can even connect you with partners specialized in video preparation for your event, should you need a hand.

And, of course, all photos and videos are managed in gomanager admin.

Push notifications

Real-time push notifications are the fastest and most powerful way to communicate with your fans. At any moment, you can have your message appear in the pockets and on the screens of thousands of users. Use this feature for important alerts, emergency messages, or as an incredible promotional tool. gomanager admin keeps a history of all notifications you’ve sent and lets you know the number of recipients for each notification.

Two types of notifications are available with gomanager admin: simple notification and rich notifications . Simple notifications (alerts) are used for sending short text messages (140 characters). Rich notifications extend simple alerts with content over the 140 character limit, with the addition of multimedia content, scheduled messages, and most importantly, the ability to send notifications to predefined user groups (based on language or audience type).

Forms and surveys

User feedback is the best tool for ensuring that your fans’ needs are met. Integrate a survey in goevent mobile or goevent web and get user feedback fed directly to gomanager admin for review.

You can keep quizzes light and fun, or create a more in-depth survey about the overall festival experience. It can be a fun quiz related to the event’s line-up or a survey to receive user feedback on the way the event is run.

In-app advertising

Generate additional revenue by integrating in-app advertisements in your goevent mobile guides. gomanager admin gives you dynamic control of how ads are presented. You can easily change and add ads remotely, or adapt the frequency of ad displays.

As well, you can monitor the click-through-rates for all ads provisioned in your apps so you can report to your ad partners.