gomanager metrics

Detailed insight into your fan community

gomanager metrics

Detailed insight into your fan community

Get up close and personal with your fans

With gomanager metrics you can learn detailed information about your fans; get full statistics on the number of downloads, the time spent on the app for each user and how these numbers can be compared to the rest of the industry. For those that have integrated partner services, gomanager metrics is able to measure the amount of times a fan interacted with that service – vital information for determining the most effective services to align with.

Paint a sweeping portrait of your fan base

Who are your most and least engaged fans? Why? gomanager metrics is able to cross-reference Facebook insights with its own logs, summarizing your fan base into several categories, such as:

  • languages and countries
  • user groups (musicians, delegates, public audience and more);
  • gender
  • users’ sharing habits (based on GPS device location); and
  • most-used technologies (iOS, Android, web, Facebook)
community metrics: audience measurement

Referrals and conversions

Leverage your goevent mobile, web and facebook apps to increase visibility for your partners. You (and your partners) are able to see how often your fans see their service, and even how much of your audience is using their service.

gomanager metrics offers high-level figures making the decision for your partners to invest an easy one. There’s no theoretical situations, only cold, hard numbers that speak the truth. It’s a whole new, innovative way of thinking, and it just might pay for itself. How’s that for a return on investment?

Access detailed statistics

Define how fans interact with your content; do they prefer certain web widgets, or spending more time in your mobile app? Are you getting the most out of fan-submitted photos or is your community stagnant compared to the rest of the industry? With gomanager metrics it’s easy to understand what your fans love to do and encourage them to do it.

In-depth download and usage information

When do your fans use your goevent mobile apps most? Is it before, during, or after your event? Is it mostly local fans downloading the app, or those traveling from abroad? Knowing who your fans are and where they come from will help you ensure that they get the features they need. With a little sun and water, your audience will grow in no time.