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Your event in intuitive and beautifully designed iPhone and Android apps!

goevent-mobile: festival app

goevent mobile

Your event in intuitive and beautifully designed iPhone and Android apps!

Music discovery





Music streaming with Deezer, Rdio, Spotify and Soundcloud

The only way to discover new music is to listen to it. With an in-app integration of the most popular music streaming services, including Deezer, Rdio, Spotify and SoundCloud, your fans can now hear music from your entire lineup, all in one place. Add in full background playing support and you’ve got one of the best mobile players, right in your app!

Personal music recommendation

What about providing a personal music recommendation to every single app user? This is now feasible with the app built-in recommendation engine. The app generates a music taste profile by crunching the fan’s Facebook likes and/or favourited bands. The app then correlates bands in the fan music taste profile and bands in the event line-up based on artists similarities. This results in an individually tailored music recommendation for each fan.

Band similarities

Showing similar artists on every single band page offers another way to navigate through the event’s line-up. Similarities are automatically generated from external sources of music metadata, no manual configuration of similarities required!

festival app: discover

festival app: schedule /artist

Social and personal experiences





Schedule and personal agenda

Navigating through so many artists pages can be difficult, but with customizable schedules, fans can highlight their favourite artists and build a unique agenda tailored to their tastes. They can also share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Pop-up notifications remind users when one of their scheduled shows is about to begin. Custom time intervals and persistent reminders that appear even when the application is closed ensure that fans will always know when their favourite artist is hitting the stage.

The app’s photo booth: Smile!

A (not so surprisingly) popular feature among festival goers is the way-too-fun photo booth. Picture those old cardboard cutouts from fairs where you’d put your face above a cowboy’s body, all of your friends laughing at how ridiculous you look. Photos taken with the photo booth have an overlay of your choice, leading to all sorts of absurd photos, ready to be posted on Facebook. Now everyone can laugh together!

Essential features

festival app: iPhone / Android




goevent mobile apps, available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android, come packed with essential features, including:

  • Full festival schedule: available offline to make sure that any loss of connectivity does not affect the fan experience
  • Maps and geolocation: friend finder and interactivity to use the map as an app entry point during the festival
  • Push notifications: send direct messages to your fans
  • Music integration (top tracks, albums, previews, etc.)
  • Ticketing
  • Multimedia galleries (photo + video)

Sharing, sharing, sharing!

Social sharing has become vital to keeping your world relevant. With goevent mobile, you can easily allow fans to share and manage their festival photos in a dedicated photo section, complete with the ability to comment on the contributions of others.

festival app: features and recommendations

festival app: augmented reality

Cutting edge





Augmented reality

Combining the functionality of a phone’s camera, compass, accelerometer and GPS, the augmented reality tool augments the user’s vision of his surroundings while allowing him to see key festival activities. The user, by pointing the phone in any direction, detects a clever radar that displays venues as small beacons on the screen while directing fans to their desired destination.

Navigating festival venues and stages has never been easier!

NFC/RFID: access control and cashless payment

Near Field Communication (NFC) has become a key technology by easing festival access control with wristbands and offering effective cashless payment solutions to festival crowds. The integration of the NFC solution, as part of mobile apps, enables users to easily top-up their cashless balance. It also allows fans to pair their Facebook identifier with their wristband for enjoying additional services on-site (on-site booths for automatic Facebook check-ins or likes, etc.)

Name that tune!

Listen to a song and guess the artist. The best part? If your fans don’t know the artist they’re listening to, they will now!

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The second video “a promotion tool for event organizers and sponsors” explains how festival organizers can use mobile apps to convert fans into active promoters of their events.